Altar Servers

Altar Server

“For who is greater: the one seated at table or the one who serves? Is it not the one seated at table? I am among you as the one who serves.”  Luke 22:27

As a young parishioner, you are asked and guided into taking on one of your first missions… to become an Altar Server. You have an unusual and essential perspective from the Sanctuary at Mass… you have chosen to help everyone … give thanks to God.

  • You hear and heed the Word of God
  • You help share the Eucharist with everyone present
  • You carry Christ with you

These attitudes help you serve Christ and the parish even more meaningfully.
The celebration of the Liturgy – in particular, the celebration of the Eucharist – is the most important thing we do when we gather as a community. Ministry comes from the inside out… so keep a prayerful spirit about you. Remember what you have chosen to do: you are a minister at Mass.

Altar Server Requirements:

  • Any student, 4th – 12th Grade.
  • Must be active in Religious Education.
  • Must attend the initial training session and continually improve their ministry by coming to mass every weekend.
  • Check the guidelines for Altar Servers if you are one of them.

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